St Patrick’s Day is an age old Irish day of celebration

which commemorates the death of the Irish patron saint, the arrival of Christianity in Ireland as well as serving as a vibrant example of Irish culture and good spirit. In New Zealand however it’s just an excuse to wear a novelty size green bowtie, act like a bell-end and vomit behind a dumpster on Fort Lane, all before 7 O’clock on a Tuesday night.

Now don’t get me wrong I see nothing wrong with guzzling a dozen Guinness’s and embarrassing myself but these days my hairs going a bit grey and I drink tea before I go to bed sometimes; meaning perhaps I’m maturing a bit. I still like to drink a few bevvy’s but I’d rather not drink stale flat Guinness, lose my eftpos card and car keys then wee my pants.

For this reason I reckon 16 Tuns the place to be this St Paddy’s day

They’re celebrating in a rather non-traditional way by letting local brewer Liberty take over a good chunk of their taps with some of their more interesting brews as well as encouraging amateur drinkers to steer clear (I assume by amateur drinkers they are referring to those I described above).

By Liberty, on tap there’s the classic Darker Days oatmeal stout, Spicy Monster (I think this is Yakima with chilli in it) as well as a Yorkshire IPA which is a super tasty beer brewed in the English Style. There is also a newly created Imperial Brown Ipa (what?!) called Skidmark (hah) which sounds unique, interesting fascinating and a little gross at the same time. I have to try it.

From other breweries there’s a smoked ale a, gose beer, a sweet stout an American extra special bitter as well as 16 Tuns usual offerings.

Just for reference a gose beer is a German style which originated in Goslar Germany, which uses over 50% malted wheat for its grain character giving it a lemon tartness, herbal characteristics as well as salty flavours. thanks wikipedia.  If you have questions about any of the weird and wonderful brews on offer you’re encouraged to have a yarn to any of the bartenders who I know (from experience) have an excellent knowledge of the beer they serve.

So this St. Paddy’s day ask yourself “do I want to chunder Guinness out behind a dumpster in Fort Lane? or sip on a tasty skid mark in the salubrious surroundings of 16 Tun in the Wynyard Quarter?”.