Tomorrow I’m doing something I’ve never done before, stepping into the unknown, trying something new if you will

I’m dedicating one full day out of approximately 27,500 days that I will have on this earth to watching 22 men smack a wee ball of leather and cork about a large grassy oval pitch, in the company of around 40,000 cricket mad fans.

Yup I’m going to witness what the herald has called “the most eagerly awaited cricket match on home soil in over two decades.” So why aren’t I excited you may ask? Because I can’t bloody stand cricket. There I said it.

Before you burn my passport, and publicly stone me; know that I’m an avid rugby and rugby league fan and even supported the All Whites at the Football World Cup that time they did kind of bad, but better than usual. It’s a mystery to me why I’m not a cricket fan but I think perhaps it’s because of my upbringing in Northland (a rugby dominated area) and Hong Kong (Don’t even know what sports those turkeys play). Anyway rugby and cricket seem to be cultures/sports so deeply ingrained in the kiwi psyche that when you’re mate says “Rugby’s boring as” or “I’d rather watch Master chef NZ than the cricket” you silently seethe and wish hellfire upon him or her. So yeh thanks for that Mum and Dad, people would’ve liked me way more if you’d just shown me a couple cricket classics back in the day.

Anyway after a lifetime of condemning cricket I’ve been roped into a world cup match by my mates; so I’m giving cricket a chance. I still think it’s boring, to bloody long, essentially just an excuse to sit in the sun and inhale Lion Red all day but hey I’m open minded and I’m all about trying new things.

I’ll report back Sunday post cricket to let you know if I’ve been converted.