I just witnessed one of the greatest cricketing victories In Black Caps history

A game that my mate tells me I’ll tell my grandkids about and that I and he will remember for decades to come.

It was epic, there was drama, tension, warm $9 dollar Tui lagers and mild sunstroke, all culminating in a dramatic finish with NZ just inching in to upset the favourites Australia.

But what’s my opinion on the whole affair you may ask? It was pretty alright I guess. Now before you say I’m being “to cool” or report me to John Key for sacrilege give me a minute to explain. I can now say I roughly understand why New Zealanders enjoy a bit of cricket. It’s not for me sure, but I do appreciate the chance to spend 6 or 8 hours in the sun, drinking a few beers, spinning some yarns while being entertained intermittently by the passive spectator sport. And to be honest when that last 6 was struck and the stadium erupted in cheers I got amongst and momentarily forgot I don’t like cricket as I squealed with excitement and high fived the old dude next to me.

But still 6 hours? I got shit to do man. 6 HOURS.

Perhaps I’m just a product of the age I live in, everything is quick, Smashed Em Bro shows us the best bits of the week in rugby in 30 seconds and the interwebs gives us any entertainment we may desire at the press of a button. Cricket feels like a sport of the bygone days when people had more time and perhaps cricket didn’t feel so overly long and monotonous. Olden days me probably would have quite happily waited 6 hours while the tension built for that one moment of celebration in victory and enjoyed the bits in between rather than checking the old Facebook Newsfeed and wondering when this will end.

So maybe the problems with me not cricket? I’m not sure but either way I’m happy to give cricket another chance; sure its long and sometimes boring but I reckon it doesn’t hurt to slow down and do bugger all for half a day.

BlackCaps you’ve just earn yourselves another fan. Sort of.