About The Beer

Brewery: Tuatara – located in Paraparaumu near Wellington
Style: American Pale Ale
ABV: 5.8%
Standard Drinks: 2.4 in a 500ml reptilian bottle

Hopcorn Rating

hopcorn rating 4.5

What They Say About It

We reckon it’s time a New Zealand APA pulled on its dockers, flashed its blackberry and generally talked louder than anyone else in the bar. Here it is.

What I Say About It

First of all shout outs to whoevers writing the consistently amusing yarns on Tuataras’ beer labels; you’re giving Tui a run for their money on that front and absolutely smashing them on the brewing “not shit” beer front.

Anyway; this beer is my girlfriend’s absolute favourite. The highlight of drinking it for me is usually watching her eyes light up every time she takes a sip, like a fat American kid eating his Halloween candy. This is usually followed by a long, unusually deep, mmmm sound and then a look of pure glee.

Swishing the light golden liquid around an inviting aroma of toffee and pine needles wafts out of my beer mug, reminding why my girlfriend is grinning like an idiot and making slightly creepy sounds of enjoyment. The first taste has me reacting the same way.

Up front there’s a classic Murica type hop punch with Resiny, lemon citrus flavours coming to me first. Next I get a surprisingly complex and sweet malt component reminiscent of Werther’s Originals; a delicious and well rounded caramel flavour which perfectly balances the abrasive in your face nature of the hops.

All of this combines to make this beer a lemony caramel masterwork which is insanely drinkable and packed with flavour at a relatively low 5.8%. It speaks volumes for Tuatara and New Zealand brewers that they can brew an American style to the same high standard as the very best of American brewers.

Tuatara APA is definitely the loudest guy in the bar, and even though very few others can get a word in and he’s all up in your face yelling MURICA he does it with a certain kiwi influenced class and style which I can’t help but enjoy. Shot Tuatara.

10 Words Or Less

Well balanced, delicious, quaffable Kiwi Take on an American style.

Movie Match

Classic American Rom-com/Sports drama Jerry Maguire will go down a treat with the classic American style Tuatara APA.  Both beer and film feature likeable sets of all American starring talent (think Chinook, Renee Zellweger, Columbus and Tom Cruise) and are surprisingly easy to sit through despite all of the brash American character on offer. Both are likely to inspire you; either to quit your job, have a mental breakdown and start a small business or to find yourself struggling to stand up in a dingy bar at 2am.  So sit back and appreciate these mighty fine examples of American quality and character together and see where it takes you.

Have you tried this brewski? Like it? Love it? Hate it? Have any opinion at all on anything?  Let me know in the comments. Just do it I’ll be your friend if you do.