About The Beer

Brewery: Outlier Cartel
Style: Tamaki Makarau Ale/NZ Grapefruit IPA
ABV: 7.1%
Standard Drinks: 2.5 standards in a 440 ml pour
Website: outliercartel.com

Hopcorn Rating

hopcorn rating 4.5

What They Say About It

This beer showcases some of the bergamot, tangelo and orange like aromas with a distinct grapefruit pithy bitterness – without being too bitter… We still admire balance in a good beer.

What I Say About It

Any IPA brewed with Grapefruit inevitably draws comparison to the ubiquitous Sculpin by Ballast Point. However, unlike Sculpin’s delicious confectionary sweetness, and piney American hop bite, Kerikeri emphasises the pleasant lingering bitterness and fragrant aromas of the NZ yellow grapefruit1.

This point of difference, combined with it’s staggering deliciousness, allows Keri Keri to step out from under Sculpins shadow and be considered as a completely distinct beer in a subtly different style.

Taste wise the hop hit is mellower and fruitier than expected and the aftertaste is almost all grapefruit, countered by a restrained malt sweetness. The beer’s distinct flavour is characterised by oranges, pineapple, tropical funkyness from the new world hops, and of course the lingering bitterness and subtle sweetness of the NZ yellow grapefruit. It’s a flavour which I instantly associate with long, hazy days on the beach, lazy fishing trips in Auckland Harbour and general summer shenanigans. Keri Keri is so well balanced, drinkable and refreshing that It would easily make my beer shopping list for the summer alongside and perhaps even ahead of Sculpin (perhaps).

10 Words Or Less

Delicious and balanced showcase of NZ hops and citrus fruits

Movie Match

This is a beer you should be drinking in the sun, but instead of risking exposure to harmful UV rays, take in the film equivalent of sunshine – Endless Summer. This dazzling surfing documentary, presents beautiful summer imagery, from bleach blonde surfers gliding along azure walls of surf, to sunkissed hands out windows of salt, rusted classic cars as they speed to the next white sand beach. Nothing compliments this film like the ultimate summer bevvy – Keri Keri by Outlier Cartel.

Final Word: These two beers signal a cracking start for a fledgling brewery with huge potential and a knack for innovation; and believe it or not the beer can only get better as outlier move out of their garage and into a high volume, professional setup at Hallertau. Despite my initial scepticism, it’s an absolute pleasure to write that Outlier Cartel is one of the most exciting new breweries to watch in 2016.

1. The NZ yellow grapefruit, or poor man’s grapefruit is actually not a grapefruit at all; but rather some sort of funky citrus hybrid. These tasty morsels are common all around NZ, a fact which Carlos exploits when roaming around Auckland scrounging grapefruits for his brews.