My good friend Carlos, from Outlier Cartel, recently invited me to the launch of his brewery and first beer at 16 Tun. He ensured me all my beers were taken care of and when I showed up at the launch, overdraft maxed out and with a mighty thirst, Carlos was true to his word. Legend. Now in return I have taken a moment out of my hectic schedule of drinking beer in the sun and napping in the afternoons, to give my honest and unbiased opinion on his two launch beers Erebus Warden and Keri Keri – Round The Corner.1

About The Beer – Erebus Warden

Brewery: Outlier Cartel
Style: Imperial Golden Stout
ABV: 9%
Standard Drinks: about 3.1 in  a 440ml pour

Hopcorn Rating

hopcorn rating 4

What They Say About It

in your face dark roasted, coffee and cocoa aromas cloaked behind a bright golden-amber veil. Full bodied and reminiscent of a stout, challenging the brain’s subconscious ability to draw conclusions between sight and taste.. A  true mind bender: correlation does not imply causation.

What I Say About It

Nope that’s not a typo above. Carlos and Outlier have brewed an imperial fuckin’ golden stout. What the devil is that you may ask? It’s a high ABV flavourful stout that sports a golden hue thanks to some mystic feat of brewer wizardry. If you’re confused by this description don’t worry so was I.2

Upon sniffing my first free pint of Erebus I noticed inviting coffee and cocoa aromas. True to it’s rather delightful aroma, this beer tastes of decadent roasty cocoa and coffee beans with just a hint of sweetness. Rather than being cloying, overpowering or blasting you in the face with booze, this stout is beautifully balanced and restrained, making it dangerously easy to throw back despite it’s full bodied flavour and high ABV. Then there’s the colour.

The dark golden hue is a clever way of cloaking the true nature of the brew, and makes drinking it an interesting experience as your eyes perceive a golden ale and your palette experiences an imperial stout.

What this all adds up to is a delectable, moreish and unique beer which surprised me in it’s drinkability and the effectiveness of its main point of difference.It’s an imperial stout perfect for people that don’t like stouts, it’s a delicious and interesting novelty brew; one that I’d love to drink a lot more of.

10 Words Or Less

This golden ale’s a bloody good stout. Wait what?

Movie Match

There’s only one film to watch while you sip on this confusing liquid delight. The Christopher Nolan, Guy Pearce mind fuck that is Memento. You’re brain will hurt and you’ll finish the film confused and drunk, but you’re guaranteed a good time.

Click here for the review of Outlier Cartel’s second launch beer; a delicious Tamaki Makarau Ale or NZ Grapefruit IPA named Keri Keri ‘Round The Corner

1. I went into this sincerely hoping the beer didn’t suck; as putting down Carlos’ brews after receiving copious amounts of free beer from him didn’t sound like a good time to me. Thank jeebers Carlos brewed some bloody good beers.

2. Carlos has since told me he to create Erebus he brewed a strong golden ale with lots of oatmeal, then mixed in a potent concoction of flavourful, low colour, coffee beans and cacao nibs. This gave Erebus it’s golden colour and confusing, yet delicious roasty stout flavours.