About The Beer

Brewery: Liberty Brewing Co
Style: Imperial IPA
ABV: 8
Standard Drinks: 3.2 standards in a 500ml bottle
Website: www.libertybrewing.co.nz

Hopcorn Rating

hopcorn rating 4.5

What They Say About It

“Enjoy the taste of your enamel being stripped off your teeth at refrigeration temperature at refrigeration temperature with friends and family.”

What I Say About It

The label tells me this beer was brewed for Neil Miller back when “stunts like brewing exclusive batches beer for notable writers to get some free publicity was the norm” using all American malts hops and yeast. As I consider how cool it would be to have liberty brew me a Tutty stout I pour the millers Humulus into a glass absent mindedly and lose a few drops to the carpet. Don’t tell my mum.

The beers your average deep browny orangey colour which other fancier writers may refer to as “chestnut”. My first sniff just about melts my face off with full on piney, citrusy aromas that I imagine would be similar to shoving two hop flowers up your nostrils and breathing in.

At first all I can taste is hops. Big serious Hops screaming apache war chants as they assault my tongue with huge pine flavours. Maybe a touch of pineapple and lime in there as well?

After a few sips I slip out of my hop daze and start to notice The huge malty character allowed by the high alcohol content provides a sweet caramel sort of flavour to counteract the intensity of the hops. This makes the Humulus into a dangerously drinkable bevvy despite its nature.

Admittedly I am rather smitten with this beer but I can understand why it could be polarising. Essentially on one side there’s a group saying “It’s excessive!” or “It tastes like acid and it burnt my tongue off!” and on the other there’s hop freaks like me who love the excessive over top flavours of an out there beer like the Millers Humulus.

I fully recommend this beer but as you can imagine it comes with a warning; if you don’t like hops slowly back away then run away and never look back.

10 Words Or Less

Hops hops hops hops hops hops hops hops hops hops.

Movie Match

Sit there burning a hole through your mouth with Miller Humulus while you take in the badassery that is Keanu Reeves new film John Wick. This is a film that attempts to do something simple and excessive, but do it very well, in its telling of a classic revenge story following the exploits of ex assassin John Wick. A fantastic film which shirks all that fluffy nonsense like plot or character development and instead focuses on creating all out sensory carnage; an approach not unlike the Humulus. Enjoy this beer/movie match with caution.