About The Beer

Brewery: Epic – Brewing out of Steam in South Auckland (I think)
Style: Imperial IPA/ Liquid Crack/session double IPA
ABV: 9% (good lord)
Standard Drinks: 3.6 Standards in a 500 ml Bottle
Website: www.epicbeer.com

Hopcorn Rating

hopcorn rating 4.5

What They Say About It

“This is hop warfare on your tongue. It is seductive, contagious and hard to resist.”

What I Say About It

This afternoon as I sipped (guzzled) down a glass of Epic’s delicious Imp I glanced at the label coming to the sudden and slightly upsetting realisation that I had not yet reviewed an Epic Beer. Epic brewing is a big dawg on the New Zealand beer scene and would be unlucky not to make anyone’s top 5 NZ brewers list (there’s an idea for an article) so I see this as a bit of a misstep. On a personal note Epic was one of the first breweries I came upon when I realised beer was more than just a tasteless, fizzy good time in a bottle, and Hop Zombie was an integral part of my craft beer “epiphany”.

So I thought bugger it I’ll step shit up a notch and have a go reviewing Epic’s LupulingusI love big beers with big personality and you don’t get much louder and rowdier than a 9% Imperial IPA by the brewers behind magical potions like Imperium or Bacon Beer.

Reclining in my deckchair in the garden I ignore the calls from my dear old mum about vacuuming the house as I have important shit to do.

I pour the darkish golden liquid into my sweet new beer mug and take a hearty sniff ready for a full on hit of lemony pine scents.

My face contorts in confusion as I notice the nose isn’t as huge as I thought it would beI do detect very pleasant notes of lemony citrus and malty caramel however I didn’t get my face melted off like I expected. 

My first sip lies all my concerns to rest. Little hop flowers come alive, immediately starting a citrus disco in my mouth. The party doesn’t stop after a few seconds either; big grapefruity, citrus and sweet stone fruit flavours hang about along with a caramel sweetness which nicely compliments the up-front hop flavours. The well rounded flavours work wonders in hiding the 9% under the hood of this high powered beer, making it a dangerously quaffable Imperial IPA.

Lupilingus is as close as you can get to hooking up a liquid hop IV to your veins but it’s so much more fun. So if you enjoy the flavour of our favourite little bittering flowers, or even if you don’t, drink this beer. I promise you it’s one of the most delicious, well balanced and deceptively drinkable Imperial IPAs you’ll ever try.

10 Words Or Less

Deceptively drinkable, delicious, citrusy, well balanced, almost sessionable DIPA.

Movie Match

Since you’re drinking an Epic Lupulingus I gather you don’t mind an intense and rewarding experience. Because of this I recommend taking in the aural and visual assault that is Damien Chazzelle’s Whiplash, while appreciating the delicious liquid insanity of Lupulingus. Whiplash could be jarring and hard to watch if it weren’t so beautifully put together much like a certain beverage. After Lupulingus works its magic you’ll find yourself loosening up enough to become fully involved in the intense and emotional story of a young drummer’s trials under an abusive mentor. Few activities will transport you like consuming these two intense and impeccably crafted works of art together.

Quickly. Hop off to your local shopping centre rent the DVD, buy this beer and get em in ya. You won’t regret it.