About The Beer

Brewery: Emmersons – Dunedin
Style: Hoppy Pale Ale/India Pale Ale
ABV: 5%
Standard Drinks: 1.5 standards in a wee 350ml ish glass (It’s Ponsonby you see)
Website: www.emersons.co.nz

Hopcorn Rating

hopcorn rating 4

What They Say About It

“One of New Zealand’s first new generation pale ales and now something of a classic, Emmerson’s 1812 is all about balance.”

What I Say About It

Post workies I was absolutely ravenous as my lovely wahine showed up outside my office smiling as she quickly passed me by strutting towards the pub. I spun around to follow and we power walked up the hill, into the Cav, almost about colliding with the bar in our eagerness. 10 minutes later we were kicking back on the deck looking out over the city as we sipped on an Emmersons 1812 and munched on a couple pulled pork tacos.

Now I usually like beers that grab you by the balls and take you on a tumultuous taste trip at about 10% ABV – but I thought I’d give this one a review because of awesome moments like this.

On the nose it’s understated and I get the orangey scent of the hops first and foremost – but to be honest I’m not really sniffing it, I’m pouring it in my face ASAP.

Credit to the Cav on College Hill for pouring it at exactly the right temperature, with the perfect amount of head and in a sexy little Emmersons glass. The taste isn’t overly complex or challenging but for a 5% beer I must say there’s a lot going on – a crisp citrusy bitterness, understated malty sweetness and perhaps a hint of some sort of grassy fresh flavour coming through from the hops. Maybe.

Either way this is a tasty beer. It’s sessionable in that it won’t butt rape your taste buds straight away but rather softly caress them while it whispers in your ear “Go on get me in you, then grab another”. The perfect bevvy for an after work session or a Saturday rinse – You’re gonna want more than one.

10 Words Or Less

Delicious, drinkable, well balanced, citrusy pale ale. An NZ classic.

Movie Match

This is one I’d want to crack into in a bustling pub, perhaps while I watch the warriors lose with some shit yarns thrown about. If you are looking for a film to watch while you drink one, go for an easy going one and perhaps a new age NZ classic while we’re on the theme. It’s hard to go past What We Do in the Shadows – Taika Waititi and Jermaine Clement’s hysterical vampire mockumentary which will get funnier and funnier as the 1812’s go down and you and your mates start quoting and imitating “We’re werewolves not swearwolves! What are we?!” Take a moment to appreciate how NZ can crank out beers and films that are up to or above the highest international standards.

You go New Zealund/Shot Emmerson.