About The Beer

Brewery: Garage Project – Wellington NZ
Style: IPA – Fruit and Spice
ABV: 7.5%
Standard Drinks: 3.8 standards in a 650ml bottle – or 2 standards in a 330 ml can
Website: www.garageproject.co.nz

Hopcorn Rating

hopcorn rating 4

What They Say About It

“Brewed with mango, chilli, lime juice and Vietnamese mint this is a complex unique and interesting beer.”

What I Say About It

Garage Project are often known for brews that kick you in the dick with a tonne of flavour and they rarely approach things subtly (see the surprisingly good umami monster, or the absurdly delicious pernicious weed). Perhaps this is why Death from above was not quite what I expected.

First thing I detect as I shove my nose in my glass and sniff is a full on hop aroma; citrusy but with a bit of a tang to it. I inspect the liquid I’m about to pour into my visibly excited face, and notice it’s a deep burning orange colour; perhaps a little darker than your average strong IPA. Upon first sip I get the expected kick in the dick; hops are at the forefront of the beer, boasting an intense but pleasant citrusy bitterness along with a sweet and chewy malt component which ensures the flavour is well balanced and not too dry on the finish.

But shit man I was promised mango and lime juice and chilli and god damn Vietnamese motherfucking mint. I felt lied to! betrayed! those fancy and delicious ingredients aren’t in this beer!

Sip number two; Oh there’s a bit of chilli a faint hit of spice in the back of my throat as the beer goes down.  Sip 3; maybe that tang on the nose is the lime? But maybe I’m just imagining things? Am I losing my marbles?

After tasting this beer perhaps a half dozen times I’ve come to the conclusion I’m not losing my mind and I really did taste all those yummy ingredients GP reckon they chucked in there except perhaps the Vietnamese mint.

Maybe I’m lying to myself here, but as I got further into the beer, and tried it again and again, I could detect little hints of the different ingredients.

Chilli at the back of the throat, mango adding a tropical sweetness to the hops bitterness, lime flavours nicely complimenting the citrusy notes of the hops. Maybe the reason I can’t taste Vietnamese mint is because I have absolutely no idea what it should taste like?

Anyway… what I’m saying is perhaps they weren’t spinning yarns in the beers description and maybe it is as complex and bizarre and interesting as it sounds. Either way this beers certainly worth a try.

Edit: Contacted Garage Project about this brew and they confirmed they did in fact chuck a “shitload” of chilli and mango in there. Here’s the visual proof they provided; good on you GP!

10 Words Or Less

Delicious, hoppy IPA, with unexpected and interesting subtle complexity.

Movie Match

Sit down and sip your Death From Above while you take in the epic vision that is Apocalypse now. Know that the beer you’re sipping on was originally called Hopocalypse now and its current name, death from above, is a reference to the US airborne division in that very same film. The setting of the apocalypse now and the influences of the beer are one in the same, and the visceral epicness of the film nicely complements the interesting assault on your senses that is Death From Above.