About The Beer

Brewery: 8 Wired – just moved to Warkworth
Style: Imperial Porter
ABV: 11% (good lord)
Standard Drinks: 4.9ish in a pint/568ml bottle

Hopcorn Rating

hopcorn rating 5

What They Say About It

A manuka smoked Imperial porter refermented with farmhouse yeast and aged in American oak barrels for 18 months.

Now if I had brewed such a beer I probably would have droned on about its complexities and how impressive I am on the label. 8 Wired let the beer do the talking which is an approach I think many appreciate.

What I Say About It

Sitting in my designer Italian leather chair and turning down the volume, by voice command, on my 80 Inch TV, I casually glance out the wrap around window of my country estate in the Hamptons and tighten up the waist on my cashmere smokers Jacket. Bored by what’s on TV I sip on my Barrel Aged Imperial Porter out of a Hand-blown antique port glass absent mindedly considering whether I should purchase another yacht.

Then I put my glass down stop daydreaming and realise I’m still in my mums house in West Auckland and I just went deeper into overdraft by buying an extravagant beer. It’s all worth it though because this is a beer that can transport you, one sip and the flavour does not stop due to the impressive complexity added during the brews 18 months spent barrel aging.

Having a quick sniff with my pinkie jutting outwards the nose is a wee bit understated with coffee, molasses and perhaps raisins; subtle and barely hinting at the immense flavour within.

On the first sip without realising it I subconsciously emit a loud mmmm sound and hear my mum yell through the wall “Oi what are you doing in there!?”

Roasty coffee hits me first, then rich burnt caramel and a sweet smoky flavour as well as molasses; finishing with huge bitter chocolate and dark fruit tastes. I usually scoff at people who say they taste all these extravagant things in their beer but this beverage has so much flavour it’s insane. The chocolatey, plum wine sort of finish hangs around for a good 10 or 20 seconds after drinking; making this one of the most impressive, complex and amazing beers I’ve ever had the privilege of tasting.

Take caution though this is an 11% beer with intense flavours best suited to a special occasion with a special someone not recommended for drinking on a Tuesday night as you sit through Coro at your mums place.

10 Words Or Less

Insanely, complex, delicious and truly special beer for beer enthusiasts

Movie Match

Take in Francis Ford Coppola’s legendary masterpiece “The Godfather” in your burgundy smokers jacket as you sit in your movie room (which smells of rich mahogany) and sip on your Barrel Aged Imperial Porter. Recognise that both the film and your beverage represent the finest that money can buy and appreciate the complexity and mastery in both taste and vision.

Top hats off to 8 Wired’s head brewer Soren; this is truly the godfather of beers.