I love three things in life – beer, film and bad puns

So I thought I might as well spin some yarns about beer and film on the interwebs; and thus Hopcorn was born.

Just in case you haven’t figured it out yet the name hopcorn is a clever amalgamation of the words popcorn (tasty movie snack) and hops (female flowers of the humulus lupus plant used to flavour beer). Genius I know. I made it up all by myself the other day after a couple beers.

Anyway on this HopCorn you’ll find my endlessly fascinating opinions and reviews about films and beers as well as random yarns about all other subjects I deem worthy of an opinion. I’ll match movies to beers and beers to movies and I’ll tell you what’s worth drinking and what’s worth seeing. Occasionally I’ll even get all journalistic on ya and give you my opinion on current events in the beer world.

Happy reading team xo

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